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Conquering my Fear

Writing is not my best form of communication. Starting a blog is an overwhelming and quite a scary proposition for me. Life is full of moments like these. Sharing my personal art with the world is another of my hang ups, so here it goes.

I plan on updating everyone of : 1) my art class offerings here, 2) posting my current personal work, 3) connecting you to my etsy site and 4) giving you a peak into some of my family, personal and student art endeavours.

Ideas and inspiration always flowing through my brain. I watched a Ted Talk yesterday about ADHD and wondered if I was undiagnosed from Stephen's description. I am guessing we all feel this way? His "difference in cognition" paired with his fearless pursuit of interests inspires me.

Then last night, as I lay awake thinking, I flipped through late night TV and paused on Sylvester Stallone pondering his career. Did you know he not only starred in Rocky, but wrote the script? Too many thug roles were coming his way, and he had an idea, wrote a story and took a risk. Transformed my view him and Rocky.

If you have gotten this far in my writing, Thanks! I will wrap it up and get to my creative activity next.

I refuse to not do things because they scare me. Parenthood, marriage, interviews, honesty, failing have blessed me. Go do something scary today.

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