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Stained Glass on Recycled Windows - One of my Dreams is Coming True

Here is part of a Collaberative Mural created during my Church's Vacation Bible School last summer. The Children's Minister, Melanie, always open to creative ideas, bought a bag of tumbled stained glass pieces. I was SKEPTICAL, but who doesn't love themselves some glorious pieces of colored sparkling glass?

We planned on each kid a small project.

Using Elmer's Glue on painted wood backs, so everything was kid friendly.

Realizing the first day we would have tons of glass left over, I decided to have the kids work together on a peice of art for the church reminding them of the week.

However, after working with stained glass windows with High School students, I still missed the light coming through. But how could you work with these pieces in a simple way and still let the light through?

Today I found a post on Facebook by Susan Moccia in Maine.

Click to check out her amazing work! She's an art teacher too.

I have already called Melanie, who was already planning on ordering more tumbled glass, (Because she is THAT AWESOME). And yes, I totally think I can make some earrings out of this idea too. However with another week of impending winter weather advisories here in Kentucky. I am planning on a large mural of flowers inspired by Susan!

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