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Creative Cute or Creepy Dry Felted Creatures

So many freakishly creative and engaging ideas are out there for Dry Felting Creatures. I am creating this blog post to help you navigate the miriade of excellent resources and ideas, narrowing them down for a place to begin and jump off from. This blog is completely devoted to dry felting and I will devote a later blog completely to excellent wet felting ideas.


(Click underlined supplies to connect to link at The Woolery in Frankfort, KY)

Sponges or Foam

Pipe Cleaners


Extra Materials:

Local Wool - sheep, alpaca, dog???

Fabric or Clothes to felt onto

Scraps of Yarn

Wool or Silk Yarn



Start with a flat form in a cookie cutter.

Then start a one piece animal form.

Continue with a multiple piece sculpture.

Finally make a form with wire or pipe cleaners.


I am posting links to videos that I found helpful. --Posted from easiest to hardest.

With Armatures

Other Video Resources:

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