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Creative Cute or Creepy Dry Felted Creatures

So many freakishly creative and engaging ideas are out there for Dry Felting Creatures. I am creating this blog post to help you navigate the miriade of excellent resources and ideas, narrowing them down for a place to begin and jump off from. This blog is completely devoted to dry felting and I will devote a later blog completely to excellent wet felting ideas.


(Click underlined supplies to connect to link at The Woolery in Frankfort, KY)

Felting Needles

Rosie's Wool

Sponges or Foam

Pipe Cleaners


Extra Materials:

Multi Needle Tool

Local Wool - sheep, alpaca, dog???

Fabric or Clothes to felt onto

Scraps of Yarn

Wool or Silk Yarn


Jaques Art Studio Pinterest Board for Dry Felting


Start with a flat form in a cookie cutter.

Then start a one piece animal form.

Continue with a multiple piece sculpture.

Finally make a form with wire or pipe cleaners.


I am posting links to videos that I found helpful. --Posted from easiest to hardest.

Flat Forms - cookie cutter and felting onto fabric

Abstract Felting on flat surface

Making Basic Forms 1

Making Basic Forms 2

Cute Kittens

With Armatures

Other Video Resources:

Living Felt Videos

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