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Experimenting with Fusing Glass and Why I Need a New Pair of Safety Glasses

I got a new kiln before Christmas, an S2 Paragon kiln that is programmable (Couldn't find a used one for a decent price).

So I broke out the 90COE* glass to experiment with new materials, since I now have the ability to anneal* glass. Of course I purchased some dichroic glass, sparkly- kind of like glitter, to play with too.

Above you can see my glass pieces and tools, standard glass cutter, oil for the cutter, running pliers and grozer pliers. With my knowledge from teaching stained glass, I was ready to start experimenting. Hunted down some of my husbands safety glass, because I don't know where I laid the last two pairs I "borrowed" from him. Pretty sure if I had a stylish pair, I might not lose them. Still on the look out for a blue pair with a clear lens.

I work on scrap magazine papers to give me some cushion and also make throwing away the glass shards easier, so they don't end up all over. I also announced to my family that the studio is now a shoe on zone, which is kind of disappointing but necessary, if I don't want to pick glass out of feet. (Let's be honest- Alan would probably be picking out the glass- he's the paramedic)

I cut and layered glass using my enameling glue to try to keep pieces in place before moving them to the kiln.

By far the most frustrating part at this time is trying to roll fiber paper to put between my layers to leave a hole for the chain.

The pic below is after I loaded my pieces in the kiln and then readjusted pieces with a pair of tweezers. - Maddening!

I programmed my kiln with the suggestions of an artist of Bullseye Glass and opened it up 10 hours later.

As I expected the darn paper rolls did not stay rolled and in place. I salvaged all but one.

Next time I want to try cutting smaller glass pieces to allow more design and start drilling with my diamond drill bits. For now I will start assembling my pieces to sell on Etsy , so I can buy more glass!

*COE - Coefficient of Expansion - if two pieces of glass are not the same COE they will crack

*Anneal - Slowly cooling hot glass so the particles will settle and the stresses will not cause cracking.

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