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Don't Be Afraid of the Art Museum- Steps to take so they have a great time!

When you Mom is an art teacher you can learn to love or hate art museums. Here are some of my secrets to making your kids love art museums as much as mine.

1. A couple of hours is plenty. Unless you are just taking Kaja (one on the left) who would sit and draw for hours.

2. I have introduced my kids to the basic timeperiods and famous artists in history. They love making connections and usually go to the musuem with a couple of artists in mind who they want to see.

3. Check out the museum beforehand online to see what touring exhibits are in place, or if there are famous artworks you could brush up on. Go to the library and check out a few books about artists or exhibits at the Museum.

4. I like to try to go through the Museums in timeperiod order and to point out what continent's or country's art they are looking at.

5. Have fun and don't be afraid to say, "Yeah I think that is weird too."

Some artist books I love:

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